Cabin Fever!!!!!

March 1, 2019



February is ending and winter is still here (of course I believed the ground hog that spring was coming early). Me and the dogs are aching to get outside without coats or becoming a prisoner in our own home because of the ice and cold weather. We all are trying to fight gaining weight during this season and exercising as much as we can indoors.


What is making my cabin fever worse is my current unemployment. I have not been social or interacted with people for TWO months and I am becoming Jack from the shining, living in my own Overlook hotel. AT least with work, you get to go out in the world, talk to people, engage your mind and come home feeling let it is a retreat from the day.


This cabin fever has resulted in the following: 1. having full blown conversations with my dogs, 2. eating all the contents in my fridge/cabinets, 3. laying on the floor in a snow angel format 4. listening to cars pass by the front room windows, 5. racing my dogs around the house, and making a indoor obstacle course. Needless to say, I cannot wait for spring/summer.


With my hermithood (yes, I made up that word) I worry about Roxy and her guiding skills. She and I need to get back in the harness. Once it gets to be in the 50's we will be training for our first sighted guide 5k. I am looking forward to it. I also set a gain that I have to be back in the work force by the end of March. Trust me it is not the lack of trying, I am an expert of online application submissions, lol.


But this confinement has not been all negative there is a silver lining. Such as; I been working on using my usable vision with what I have left with my peripheral by working on my art. I have been working on video filming, producing, scripting for my youtube channel and also just being extremely creative. Started a novel, been recording poetry, my braille is at the level now that I can quickly write things and read things in braille (read meaning using the tactile interpretation via fingers), I have also decided to learn Spanish and have so many language apps on my phone. I can comfortably say Soy es la mujer. LOL. 


So goodbye February, ready for March and for spring!!!!

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