2019 Blind Adventure​:

Ski for Light

Ski for Light was established in 1975. This organization provides a safe and inclusive environment of sighted/mobility guides to teach cross country skiing for those who are bind, visually and mobility impaired.

I had the opportunity to experience this January 2019 in Colorado. It was a week long trip to learn how to cross country ski as a Low vision impaired black woman. My sighted guide instructor and I hit it right off. I took to the skiing like a fish to water and picked it up very quickly. The second day there, my guide and I skied a 5k. 

It felt good to be in an environment with others like me. This experience taught me more independence by doing something I never done before with the level of low vision I have. It felt good to make connections, friends and to learn so many skills. 

They had beacons all around the resort so everyone could navigate safely on their own with confidence. My auditory skills increased due to the need for me to LISTEN for other skiers around me and to also listen for the beacons to make sure I was walking from building to building safely and with no fear.

This experience changed my life. If you are interested check out their website at:


    @2017 Roxy's Guitig Paws

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