Ike's Purpose:

Ike is my nine year old boxer that we adopted as a senior dog at the age of eight. February 12th, 2020; Ike was diagnosed with blood vessel cancer called hemagiosarcoma. This condition happens in senior dogs six years and older and can go undetected until symptoms suddenly arise. Ike is a Boxer that may have been nine years old but had the energy of a puppy (your typical boxer). All of a sudden his health literally declined over night. This condition is terminal and has no cure. The tumor basically leaked blood around his heart; squeezing his heart and making it hard for him to breathe and pump blood. Ike's blood work had his red blood count at a 18 and the normal in a dog his size is 60. He was bleeding excessively internally. 

When having to face the fact that we had to plan his end of life steps; it broke my heart that I was losing a member of my family but the cost I realized is not something everyone could do. I feel that no matter what your income you have a right to experience the end of life process you want for your furry child.

That is why I started Ike's purpose; a project to raise money to aid in research of animal cancer and also to raise funds for individuals that need assistance in end of life services, support for grieving and cremation. Stay tuned for more details regarding this mission !!!!

    @2017 Roxy's Guitig Paws

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