Guiding Eyes for the blind is the first blind school to train guide dogs to run with their blind friends. Guide dogs traditionally are not taught to run. They are taught several commands to walk along side us. Guiding Eyes for the blind understands, that blindness does not define a person of what they can and cannot do. They have the innovative spirit and passion to support the blind community by providing a guide dog that can do the traditional stuff but also run! There are about 11 students on the waiting list for a Guide dog that can run now. Guiding Eyes school for the blind is sustained by donations to provide the services to the blind community. The costs for puppy raising, to training the guide dogs and teaching the students are all achieved by people donating their time and resources. Richard Hunter and Klinger are the first duo to have graduated the school successfully and run multiple marathons together.;jsessionid=00000000.app227a?df_id=2360&2360.donation=form1&NONCE_TOKEN=B928ADA75086726EC6C822D46E51A96E 

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