Starting Over

October 12, 2017

I am so happy that I will still do my marathon in 2018 but I have to start over my exercise/running regime. My husband is working like a mad man with three jobs now so finding the time to run with someone is challenging. So to get back on the wagon to start my fall running, I cannot run with Roxy, I will have to run with my white cane instead until I get my rhythm back. So staring October 14th, I will run again. I have to build up my stamina so right now it will be a mile. During the week; Monday through Friday I will run with Roxy back home from work which is a mile one way. On Sundays I will be able to run with my husband and Roxy longer for a mile. To build my stamina and breath when running: Monday through Friday I will do ballet barre, yoga, squats and weight lifting. I am excited to get back on the horse and be in control of my own running plan instead of having to wait for others to run with me. Wish me luck!!!!!!So like the plats in my garden that I cut down to get the bugs to love during the winter so I can replant the in the spring, I am doing the same thing with my running regime. I am letting go of what I did this year to start over to get ready for 2018.



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