Recap of 2017 and looking forward to 2018

February 6, 2018


I am happy to be back on this website. A lot of things did not work out how I wanted them too but I was still able to raise money to the guide dog blind school; Guiding eyes for the blind in New York. In 2017, I was preparing to run a 13 mile marathon with Roxy and reality hit me fast. I was not ready. I had to place the safety for myself and Roxy as priority and had to withdrawal from the Trailfest race in Utah. 2018 I am  rethinking my strategy. But before I dive in to those dreams, lets recap on 2017.


I met great people. Bill Barkley a blind/deaf adventurer. Richard Hunter and Klinger a blind marathon runner and his guide dog. So many people within the blind community, organizations and advocates. With the help of friends and Richard; in 2017, we raised over $2,000.00 for Guiding Dogs for the blind. 


That is amazing for someone who has absolutely no experience in fundraising, and it was all driven by passion, motivation and love. I will keep the links up for Pilot Dogs, Inc a guide dog school in Ohio and Guiding eyes for the blind if you wish to donate. Overall, I learned a lot though this process. Let me share my 2018 "vision"


1. Come spring, March 20th, Roxy and I will be coming out of hibernation. I will start training again. I will have to start the couch to 5K program again and build from there but you have to start somewhere. 


2. I am going to create my own guide dog harness, something that feels good in my hands and feels good to Roxy running and obeying commands. 


3. For 2018, I will be running small races locally to get used to the environment, experience and get some runs under my belt. My dream is to still run a half marathon at Trailfest but is a long time goal and hopefully one I can do in the next 2-3 years. 


4. My race schedule roughly looks like this for 2018:

March 31st: Westerville Bunny Hop

May 5th: Who Let the Dogs Out 5k/10k

June 9th: Marysville Neon Glow Run 5K

and the last race: Run like a Girl 10 Mile


5. 2018 fundraising focus, again all proceeds go to this organization. Will be Sight Savers America. An organization that provides free assistive technology for children/students. 

The first fundraiser, will be dinner in the dark at a local bar. I am still thinking of other unique ways to raise money for this cause. So stay posted.


6. Start some merch on this website to raise money for above. I am thinking of launching t-shirts, mini plush Roxy's with a mini collar and magnets. Stay tuned on that front as well.


Many goals but like the saying goes, you cannot eat a whole elephant at once, just a piece at a time:)


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