I am adopting Roxy's "no sense of time" policy

March 11, 2018



I want to live a life like Roxy because she is freaking amazing. This is an un-acknowledgement of day light savings time tonight stealing a hour of sleep from me. Ironically, I do not care if it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I leave for home from work. Why can't I live in sunshine Florida when they may pass a bill not to recognize Day Light savings.....because, really? Time is all relative. Per Einstein, time was lumped together with space and gravity. Gravity could warp the fabric of the time-space continuum and fold into itself making time travel possible? Let me back up from the science and take a look at time through Roxy's eyes. 


It is more simple. Rox wakes up and wags her tail and loves and is eager to lick and nuzzle against her family. She wags her tail with her harness on, she wags her tail in the office, she wags her tail when we walk home from work, and so on and so forth. Her day is measured in wags not time. So I will adapt this policy. From here on, I will no longer listen to my talking watch to keep track of time, instead I will listen to the wags of my Roxy's tail to understand I am right where I need to be, on time:)

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