Two miles started today

March 19, 2018



So I have started!!!!! It felt so good completing these two miles. Did I run it? Did Roxy and I just remember the rhythm and stride and just picked up where we started? Not quite.....


I am very out of shape from this winter. My weight is where I want it to be, so I did not indulge that much over the winter but my stamina, and wind is gone. I feel like a wet noodle. So today, with the break in Ohio weather to a balmy 55 degrees. Roxy and I decided to stretch our legs and catch the wind in our lungs.


I walked most of the two miles, and Roxy and I was both very winded. I felt the blood circulating and my thighs, arms and stomach tingling. We did sprint a couple of things but very short sprints.


We completed two miles in a hour (Ouch!) but heck, at least we started.


Looking forward to getting this running rhythm back!

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