Lions Club starting in my area!!!!

March 25, 2018



My Guide Dog school Director of training has started to get a Lions Club in our neighborhood. I am very excited. Lions Club are the guardian angels for the blind. With all the money, events, advocacy and awareness this organization has provided, I am very eager of being a member of this new location, right in my back door.


It makes sense that a Lions Club as a Franklinton Chapter. A blind school is here, they train guide dogs, and also orientation and mobility with white canes. It is right in the heart of downtown, where you see dogs in harnesses walking being trained to go home with their new blind friend. 


Plus, Franklinton is going through a major change. It has been branded the bottoms for a long as I remember. Historically, it was called the bottoms due to a major flood that covered houses and everything in this area. After that catastrophe, the neighborhood had a hard time coming back and the bottoms took on a different definition. "Bottoms" meant the poor, the "left behind", the hood. 


Columbus past Mayor, Mayor Coleman saw the potential. Our neighborhood is right near the Scioto river, right adjacent to downtown. It was only a matter of time. The first phase, was rehabbing the river front into a beautiful green space and connecting all the walking trials. Then the second phase was tearing down the old Vets building and rebuilt it into a architecture beauty with more green space and connecting walking trails with the neighborhoods.


Then the rehabbing of the neighborhood it self, galleries, condos, shops, restaurants, Maker's space and breweries. The name Bottoms was slowly being not used; people were determined to rebrand it. To call our neighborhood by its original name, Franklinton. Franklinton the art hub of Columbus. 


So, having a Lions Club in the mist of this great old neighborhood being rebuilt just makes sense. To have the blind community working with this community to continue it's purpose of awareness fits in this wheel of change.


I am excited to be part of this new chapter of Lions Club, a resident of this town and a home owner in this space. So please come down and support the fund raiser for this chapter of the Lions Clubs at the Land Grant:) I hope to see you there!

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