Voting is a privilege and right

May 14, 2018



In Ohio, voting is very important. We are definitely a swing state. I have a disability but it does not stop me from my civic duty. Voting is a great way of getting our voices hard and to make sure disability rights are not forgotten. All polling places are set up to be accessible for everyone with different disabilities; from visual, hearing, wheelchair access and more. 


Please vote not only during the presidential race once every four years but also the local elections, of senators, house of representatives, judges, levies, and more. Voting is more than just picking a President, it is about our rights and concerns about the infrastructure of where we live, education, public transportation, health, and public servants that represent our focus and important issues when they report to work in Washington during a Senate or House of Representative hearing. The nice thing about democracy is that all this government agencies, positions are interwoven to provide check and policies and to prevent any possibility of a dictatorship. The President is bond by laws, policies, and bills like any other American and the different branches of the government make sure that "WE THE PEOPLE" are represented. One hand cannot do something without the others.


Having a disability we what to make sure the government positions we elect remember our voice and ADA rights. If we do not make a presence they may not understand the importance of disability rights. So Roxy and I decided to go to the polling place in our neighborhood and use the software for a voiceover to make our selection. You do not have to go to the poll location because I understand the difficulty of transportation and mobility. In that instance, vote using a absentee ballot and you can vote early:) 


The ADA is a piece of our American fabric that needs to be saved and not cut down or out. Get out there and make a different.



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