I still have not run my first 5k

June 13, 2018


It is June and I still have not ran my first 5k. I am so frustrated with myself. I have been training very hard on my own with my husband running sighted guide. But when it comes to running in public with strangers I have blind stage fright. Has this happened to anyone else? If I have a feeling if I did not have a vision impairment I would of already completed 5 5ks by now. 


I just feel isolated as being the "only" one. Roxy is also able to walk/run 3 miles so we are ready I am just scared to be exposed. 


I feel weird that I will be wearing a blind vest, have a tether and a guide dog in a harness that screams I am different.


I feel scared that people will judge me and may look down at me.


This is will be a very short month blog because I need to hear from you, on how to defeat this blind stage fright. How I can embrace my difference in a group of strangers.


Any advice and encouragement is greatly appreciated. 



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