Hello Fall!!!!!

September 25, 2018



The fall season greeted us Ohioans beautifully. The week before, it was very hot with steady temps at 85 plus or higher; now I wake up with my windows open with temperatures in the low 60’s/high 50’s. My A/C unit needed a break and so did I. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, longer nights, mums, sunflowers, singing crickets and so much more.


My dogs; Roxy and Ike are loving it too. The cooler weather is giving us the opportunity to take longer walks. Ike is a boxer and he cannot handle too hot or too cold weather; so right now the weather is just right. Roxy was also feeling the oppressive heat as well and I can tell by the sound of the stead wag of her tail, that she is content with the cooler temps like her brother.


Fall marks for me many things. It is my indicator that the year is coming to an end and the holiday season is around the corner. Our next three months are going to be filled with all kinds of amazing experiences. What my scheduler is looking like for the remainder of the year:


October 4 - 7th: I am going to the No barriers summit hosted in New York City! I am taking the Women’s workshop and will be surrounded by people with similar passions like myself. Check out the link below if you are interested in this summit:




This is a yearly summit that is hosted in different cities every year. Their mission is “ the place where leaders, change-makers and aspiring visionaries from all walks of life unite to discover how to bring the No Barriers Life to a world ready for greater possibilities”.


October 5: Is Roxy’s birthday!!!! She is turning the big 3 years old:) The family is going to celebrate with goodies, friends, toys and much more. I will Vlog it and share it on my YouTube channel. If you like to see those Vlogs, visit my YouTube channel . My channel name is Forgetmefaerieknots


October 31st: Samhain/Halloween!!!!! Are we dressing up? Of course we are and the spooky decor will be out and the pumpkins will be carved. I am going to be a spooky doll and try a makeup look from the Youtuber Glam &Gore. My hubby wants to be a character from one of his favorite television series, Roxy is going to be a mermaid and Ike will be a KISS inspired rock and roller. Check out my Instagram for the adorable pictures I plan on posting. My handle name is @ramasaem.


November 19th: Is my husband’s birthday. We will be celebrating the whole month but another year in the books babyJ


November 21st – 22nd: Is all about turkey! The one day I will break my no meat ruleJ Shopping for Christmas presents during Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ Small business Tuesday.


End of November: Starting work on our fixer upper house! We call her “Tina” and we brought her two years ago. She needs a lot of TLC and our savings are at a level where we can start with our Phase 1 plans without getting a loan. (Trying to reduce debt not create more). I am excited to have a project like this to work on at the end/beginning of the year. The budget is 25K and the work will start early December. Here is our Phase One “punch out list” we want to complete in 60 days before we move back in:


  • Remove previous items/carpet from house

  • Deep clean

  • Hire a contractor and get the necessary City permits

  • Demolition!!!!!! All dry wall from upstairs, and gutting the whole bathroom (we only have one upstairs)

  • Partial demolition downstairs (to gain access plumbing and wiring for new electrical outlets)

  • New installation upstairs, new dry wall and a more open lay out.

  • Installing a brand new bathroom (flooring, sink, bath, shower, toilet, tile, fixtures)

  • New laminate flooring through the whole house

  • Paint ad trim inside the house

  • Rewire house

  • New front and back doors with security doors

  • 5 new windows upstairs

  • 2 new windows down stairs


We are going to do a lot of work equity and make this 25K stretch as much as we can. Our house is only 800 square feet. I will definitely capture this journey on my YouTube channel in 2019; so make sure to check it out!


December 23rd = 24th: All about family and ChristmasJ The tree, ice skating, hot chocolate, mittens, scarves, SNOW!!!!


December 31st: Is my last day with my job. Not going to talk about it much now but look forward to future blogs, and YT videos on the subject.


And then New Year’s! Not sure what we will be doing but with all the new changes on the horizon, We are going to try to do it big. We want to start the new year right with a positive/ festive mood. Even though 2019 is going to begin with uncertainty in many aspects in my life, we cannot let that stop us from partying like we are the most successful we have ever been (wisely of course #adulting).


Leave a comment below to share which is your favorite season, what temperature do you turn on the furnace and what are some of your plans before 2018 comes to a end?

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