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October 23, 2018



October 4th through the 7th I was surrounded and enriched by people at this summit of what a no barriers life means. No Barriers is a yearly summit for individuals that are differently abled, companies and the abled that are passionate and believe in the journey of being inclusive and diverse. It was a three day summit where I pushed myself out the box, met friends, had my barrier moment and came back home re-energized.


I listened to speakers discuss their journey and adventure of getting over barriers and teaching people along the way. My barrier moment was being around people like me from blindness, cognitive, autism and other physical disabilities doing amazing things. I painted, I danced, I went to a women's roundtable. I cried, I laughed, I am empathetic, I learned, I grew. I went to the No barrier summit to find hope and purpose. And I did.


So, 2019 is full of new adventures, and I am taking this torch of trying new things and going on new adventures. I am definitely going to 2019 No Barriers Summit June of 2019. I am going to a Visually impaired/Blind ski trip in January, I was filmed during a TLC show finale (if I make the episode I will definitely let you know). I am researching how I can finally run with Roxy and do other physical adventures, I want to be involved with my community and do all kinds of things.


Thank you no barriers to help me re focus and confirm that my passion and purpose of helping and making a difference was the right path all along, and the barriers of jobs, work, etc that do not align with that have been moved out the way to POSITIVELY effect me to get the real work I need to get done. 


Thank you Universe. If you are interested to learn more about No Barriers, click this link below:



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