The A&E show: Employables

June 13, 2019




This is a show that I listen to religiously and never miss it. I did not even know it existed until my husband was flipping through our Sling TV account and I heard the description of the show. I was hooked before I even heard the first episode. A&E is trying to break down the barriers, stereotypes and bias around disability and employment. They have given a heart and a face for employers to understand that "difference is diversity". 


This hits close to home because I have been unemployed for 10 months. That year marker coming closer and closer. I am no closer to finding any employment since the first day I joined the unemployed line. Unemployment nationwide is low but if you have a disability that number is deceiving. 70 percent of people with a visual impairment or blindness are unemployed (  and a large population with a disability; about 8 out of 10 are unemployed/not working. Most who are working are working part time ( So a show like Employables not only exposes the hardship of those trying to fight the stereotypes and work, but also shows the employers that are willing to be televised; learn something along the way to fight against their bias.


I love this show! If you have not checked it out. Please do. It comes on A&E on Wednesdays.

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